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Branding, typography, illustration, and other visuals.

Branding for @projectungilded



Strong, and Perfect. 

The phrase "Gild the Lily," meaning to "try to improve what is already beautiful or perfect," can be used to describe societal expectations for women and girls. Three women partnered on a mission to reverse these harmful attitudes with a blog dedicated to news and conversation starters for feminists. In keeping with that spirit, I created the concept of “ungilded,” along with a logo that was purposely unadorned and strong.

Branding Identity MockUp Vol6_ungilded_2

Turning the Tide on Homelessness,
NYC Mayoral Report

Led a team of three other graphic designers, and collaborated with
a multidisciplinary team (including copy editors, communication
managers, and department heads)to produce the 114 page Mayoral report. Created design system (establishing color palette, styles, type scale, and document setup for team), organized incoming content and revisions, reviewed final files and packaged for print production.

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