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Headshot of Natasha Toal, smiling at the camera.
Natasha Toal, childhood photo with cousins and siblings.

You could say I’ve been a designer my whole life. Simply put—I love to make things, and mostly, I love to make things with other people in mind.

From a young age, I always found ways to share my creativity with others. As a kid, I taught myself how to draw and then spent time at family parties teaching “art classes” to my cousins. Long before I knew about things like prototyping or storyboarding, I used paper and pencil to design video games with my little brother. I wrote and illustrated personalized comic strips for my friends.


After studying digital design in college, I started my career as a graphic designer and focused mainly on print design—a discipline which helped hone my skills in layout and composition. 


Currently, I design digital products for urban planners at NYC Department of City Planning. I’m strongly motivated by social impact and have spent the last decade designing marketing and digital experiences in the public sector for the City of New York. I aspire to design products that make life better for people, both on and offline.


When I’m not designing, you can catch me drawing in a sketchbook, rewatching The Office, or hanging out with my pup, Memphis.

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